Chief Executive of We Buy Cars Today – ‘Crypto Will Transform The Industry’

Interviewed recently by Automotive Management magazine, Thomas Delgado, chief executive of car buying group We Buy Cars Today has stated his belief that cryptocurrency will transform the automotive industry. Quoted as saying that as one of the leading car buying groups across the UK with hundreds of thousands of customers, many people are recognising the ease and simplicity of transacting with AutoCoin and that We Buy Cars Today are excited to be offering this option to their many clients.

we buy cars today

Full article available in AM magazine here


Marketing Cars – Another Reason To Shout Out

Its common knowledge that the internet is the starting place for most people when they are looking to buy a new or used car. Social media has a huge part to play in getting key messages out to potential buyers and the major sales portals, Autotrader and eBay have a virtual monopoly in the used car buying space.

So any competitive advantage that a car dealer can achieve must be welcomed.

One of our trialling dealers that started to accept cryptocurrency just 2 weeks ago took full advantage of this differentiator and used social channels to promote the fact that autocointhey would accept Bitcoin and crypto for car purchases. A wise decision and investment in time as it turned out, as it took them less that a week to sell and deliver  brand new car with the buyer opting to pay with Bitcoin.

Would they have sold this car without them accepting crypto? A definite NO. Was the buyer looking for a car dealer that specifically accepted Bitcoin? 100% he was.

Car delivered, money in the bank, profit taken and a happy customer.bitcoin car sales

As we said to car dealers some 20 years ago regarding the internet, accept new technology and implement them and reap the early rewards. Any competitive advantage has to be embraced in this ever increasingly difficult climate.

Check out this article in Motor Finance Magazine explaining why car dealers should be accepting crypto




Buy Caravans and Motorhomes with Bitcoin

A welcome addition to Buying caravans with bitcoin and buying motorhomes with cryptocurrency.

A recent enquiry from a forward thinking dealer of caravans and motorhomes has buy caravan with bitcoindeveloped into a relationship where they will be listing their caravan and motorhome stock on Recognising that there are many buyers that want to use buy caravan with bitcointheir digital assets to buy not just cars but a caravan or motorhome, being exposed to a completely new market will offer new sales opportunities. Any possible advantage that car and caravan dealers can achieve over their competitors has to be embraced in this hugely competitive market.

It has been a long time since new markets have emerged for car and caravan dealers and the forward thinking dealers that embrace new opportunities will thrive in this ever advancing digital environment. is the place to buy and sell cars with bitcoin and crypto. Free to use, why not embrace this opportunity?

New Advertising Portal For Car Dealers

A new portal for car dealers to advertise their cars globally to crypto and non cryptocurrency buyers. Welcome to

More and more bitcoin and cryptocurrency holders are wanting to take advantage of their digital investment to buy cars. We talk to car dealers daily and the number of enquiries from people wanting to pay using Bitcoin is on the increase. The actual autocoinsourcing and purchase of cars using crypto has to date been something of a challenge.

Firstly, trying to find car dealers that accept cryptocurrency has been a challenge in itself, somewhat limiting choice to say the least. But now, as mainstream franchised dealers as well as privately owned garages are waking up to this emerging marketplace, the realisation that by not embracing this marketplace will cost them in sales opportunities not just in the UK but globally. allows any car dealers that accept cryptocurrency to advertise their stock free of charge to potential buyers. Easing the purchasing path for buyers by having a huge choice of stock to browse in one place, each trusted dealer can then accept the incoming enquiry and deal with the sales process in their own way.

A free to use advertising service for forward thinking car dealers, enquiries are welcome here 

Accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is safe, secure, low cost and opens up a whole new potential market for car retailers.

Where Can I Buy A Car In UK With Bitcoin?

This question is becoming ever more popular. Where can you buy cars using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Holders of Bitcoin, especially in the UK own a digital asset that is not autocoinalways easy to transact. There re retailers that accept Bitcoin and crypto currency but many people have expressed an interest in purchasing vehicles using their crypto, and why not?

Spending their digital currency on a car makes a lot of sense for the buyer. They may well have bought their Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin etc at a very low price and may well be sat on a nice healthy profit. But cashing this currency, i.e. converting to sterling involves using an exchange that can often be costly. Finding a car dealer that accepts cryptocurrency is the ideal solution.

However, until now this has been difficult. Many car dealers simply do not understand crypto and do not realise that they can accept a bitcoin payment that is instantly converted into their bank in sterling. They request the amount in sterling and the exact amount is received and converted to sterling. Fast, safe, secure and much lower costs than a card payment. In most cases the buyer will be happy to pay the transaction fees as this is less expensive than converting their digital cash via an exchange.

You can find car dealers that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency HERE .

Car dealers are becoming more aware that there is a new and rapidly growing market for buyers wanting to use cryptocurrency to buy cars. Not just in the UK but across the globe. The ease of transacting using crypto and the Autocoin, a dedicated automotive cryptocurrency means that transacting cars globally is becoming a quick and easy option for many buyers.

Supercars, classic cars and performance vehicles are especially suitable but there are many people that own just a few Bitcoins, often circa £20,000 value that would welcome the opportunity to buy a car using Bitcoin.

See more information about the Autocoin launching initially in the UK and why car dealers should be accepting cryptocurrency in Global Finance and Banking magazine



Cryptocurrency – A Passing Fad or Here To Stay?

Cryptocurrency, well Bitcoin to most people has been around a while now. It has stood the test of time well and is in daily use in many countries. People use crypto to buy coffee, clothes and software. Many high street retailers across the globe accept crypto.

The UK is way behind many other countries in the acceptance and use of cryptocurrency. There are plenty of people in the UK that hold cryptocurrency but autocoinspending it is a little more problematic than for example in Russia, where crypto ATM machines exist on main streets and using Bitcoin is common place.

Crypto users are adamant that the many advantages of Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and many others will ensure the mainstream use of crypto. Quite simply it has progressed too far already to be just a fad.

Car dealers that we talk to in the UK admit to receiving enquiries for vehicle purchases using crypto but do not know how to handle them. Imagine if those forward thinking car dealers accept bitcoindealers promoted the fact that they accept crypto and opened up entirely new markets and sales opportunities for themselves.

Cryptocurrency is legal to use. It is fast and safe to transact, and costs of transactions are far lower than traditional card payments or bank transfers. A dealer can sell a car and within less than a minute have UK sterling funds in their account.

Just as with the internet some 20 years ago, once adoption becomes commonplace crypto will become a standard tool in any car dealers armoury.

Here to stay – for sure. Very soon taking away the ability to accept crypto will be like taking away websites.

When Nokia Ruled the World

I Phone’s seem to have been here all our lives. Setting out to the office a few weeks ago I asked my 16 year old to fetch my apple that I had left in the kitchen. He came back saying it wasn’t there. I was of course referring to my pack up, Apple to him is a chrome device.

Car dealers embraced the mobile phone, and why wouldn’t they. Check out valuations with colleagues whilst at the auction, arranging a de-brief pint after work and – oh, the nokia phone car dealersoccasional enquiry maybe?

Heady times. And when text messaging arrived, albeit in costly bundles of 100 per month then we were away. Communication like never before.  The staple choice of most dealers were the best selling Nokias. Staggering (by todays standards) battery life of a few weeks, robust, light and high tech – looking anyway. Nokia globally had never had it so good.

But a certain Steve Jobs had bigger ideas. Laughed at initially, his computers and first I phone were far from the finished article. However, public desire and acceptance resulted in the first company to reach $1 Trillion valuation recently. How smug he would feel if alive. And an element of – I did tell you.

How many cars are sold starting with a Google search on a mobile? We all have a good idea and recognise how critical the internet is to the basic survival of car dealers. 20 years ago we remember selling websites to car dealers, with the response along the lines of – wont catch on, or – its for geeks.

So let’s talk geeks. And cryptocurrency.

When we talk to the younger generation, and that isn’t the 16 year olds, they talk of bitcoin acceptedcrypto as being the norm. Many use it daily and across the globe crypto is used in day to day life for transactions and purchases. Their view is very clear. When in the UK, not if.

So the message is clear. Embrace new technology or be left behind. There is nothing illegal or insecure about crypto. Request a payment, receive your funds and have your money in your bank, in sterling, in seconds. Very high security, low transaction cost and the opportunity to sell to a rapidly growing new market.

Why wouldn’t you?