in Car dealers Accept Cryptocurrency

And So It Starts..

We have been banging the drum for almost 2 years now as to why car dealers should be servicing the requirements of over 4 million crypto users in the UK, let alone potential global buyers.

The simple fact is that car purchase is high on the shopping list of crypto users. Not just Ferraris and Lambo’s but also the option to use crypto as a payment for deposits as well as monthly leasing or PCP ferrari with bitcoin

And why not? Bitcoin is almost 10 years old and is here to stay. Countries across the globe are recognising that cryptocurrency is recognised as the most efficient form of money ever created. Secure, fast, easy to use and minimal transaction fees.

As expected, some high level car dealers are now waking up to new sales opportunities and are looking at how they can sell cars to crypto users. Take a look to see for yourselves here.

Crypto use globally is increasing daily, as is the use of the underpinning technology, Blockchain. Walmart already use blockchain to manage their stock supply chain and the major world banks are already in advanced stages of investigating how the technology can be integrated or even replace their current systems. When Amazon themselves are investigating their own cryptocurrency for use by their 80 million customers, strongly rumoured to launch before 2019 then people have to sit up and take notice.

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