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AutoCoin Presenting at Autoplus18 London

AutoCoin were delighted to be asked to present at the International AutoPlus 18 event recently in London.

Trade partners from across the globe came together to network and discuss the future of technology in the global automotive industry. Popular topics included the growth in online advertising sales portals as well as CRM systems and lead generation. One thing car dealers accept bitcointhat we found most interesting was the consensus that lead generation and management were and will be of critical importance to car dealers.

Both generating quality leads that are then followed up efficiently to an effective conclusion are the life blood of car dealers. Indeed, historically potential buyers would visit a car showroom up to 7 times before committing to a purchase but with the advent of online information now available this has been significantly cut to an average of less than 2 visits.

Our presentation opened the eyes of many in attendance when they realised that there are over 4 million crypto users in the UK alone and that this sector was effectively being ignored. maying a car purchase with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is high on the wants list of crypto holders and our extensive research has shown that car dealers are already receiving enquiries from potential car buyers.

Generating and chasing leads is of course essential but making sure that 6% of the UK population that is currently being ignored are helped with their desire to use Bitcoin and other digital currencies to buy cars should be pretty high on any car dealers lists of requirements.

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