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POS Devices for Crypto?

Just like a traditional Visa/Mastercard hand held device, the vision of a similar device sat in UK car dealers to accept crypto payments may seem a long way off.

When in history though have 4 million consumers in the UK ever been ignored? Over 4 million people in the UK own crypto, many of them in substantial amounts. Buying cars crypto bitcoin payment deviceis high on their list, but try to buy a car with cryptocurrency, it is almost impossible.

The usual fears of currency stability and how to convert to sterling are easily answered. And the legitimacy of crypto, well, it is simply too big to ignore and more countries globally are recognising and legislating crypto.

It is just a matter of time before crypto use is commonplace in the UK, as it already is in many parts of the world.

Go to Moscow and you can buy a coffee with Bitcoin and withdraw cash from a Bitcoin ATC machine. Most countries in Europe and globally are way ahead of the UK in crypto uptake.

We remember 20 years ago when introducing websites and e-mail to car dealers, the crypto ostrichusual responses were along the lines of – its for geeks, or – it wont catch on. Hmmmm.

The good news – our POS devices are available and ready for use. Imagine spending 2 hours with a new customer in the showroom only to find after the deal is done that they want to pay with Bitcoin. Turn them away, or open up more profit opportunities?


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