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Singapore Tech XLR8 Conference

The Autoblock were delighted to be invited to the Asia Tech XLR8 conference in September 2018. Networking at the highest level in crypto and blockchain we crypto currency conferenceaccelerated our partnership programmes with a number of key partners including the addition of escrow services, exchange agreements and some key tech partners.

With over 150 exhibitors present the opportunity to search out and discuss partnerships was almost overwhelming. BitForex, CoinX Pro and Genesis Capital were particularly interesting to engage with amongst many others.

Attracting the attention of many attendees with our current STO – many people were intrigued to learn about car dealers accepting crypto globally, and the influence that this may have on crypto adoption and use globally. Recognising that cars represent one of the highest value purchases people make other that accommodation, transacting via crypto enables people to use their digital assets to make a purchase of a real asset.

Car dealers are equally interested in our turnkey solution as this enables them to transact cars globally. The potential for sports and performance cars as well as classics sSingapore crypto conferenceis immense but there are also opportunities to use crypto to make deposit payments for cars locally as well as monthly finance payments.

A hugely successful event with many new partnerships and opportunities. TechXLR8 is on our agenda for 2019 already. Heat and humidity aside, Singapore is a quite enchanting place to visit and to do business, we look forward to our return.


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